• Roger replied to the topic how to make solids in the forum Questions? 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    I have never used a precious plastic machine (though I would like;)) but I think I have the answer to your question by watching the videos of precious plastic: “How to finish precious plastic object” or something similar.
    To make large dense cubes they make a welded mold ( outer part and a “pusher” ) which they put in the compression…[Read more]

  • Bonjour, ça dois faire maintenant 2 ans que je connais precious plastic et j’ai vraiment envie de “commencer l’aventure” avec un shredder pour commencer.
    Je me situe en France, en Bretagne, à “coté” de “Hello waste” que j’espère aller voir bientôt ( covid… ).
    J’ai déjà contacté plusieurs entreprises de découpe laser/jet d’eau en france, mais les…[Read more]

  • Roger started the topic Shredder CAD parts in the forum Machine development 9 months ago

    Hello, I’m french, I want to start to build shredder but in the downolading pack, there are no 3D parts that I can open. Are there stl files for the shredder, or a file that I can open with FreeCad or if not, Sketchup.