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Join our (beta) Discord channel

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Dave Hakkens davehakkens

Join our (beta) Discord channel

09/08/2019 at 12:01

It’s not a secret that we’re working on new strategies to work and collaborate online. We’re creating a new hybrid digital infrastructure that can enable both instant communication and more long lasting knowledge creation. This way we can chat and talk daily to connect and collaborate on more mundane tasks as well as taking the necessary time to document and share the really useful, long-lasting information and knowledge created by all of you.And today I would like to invite you to join our newly create Discord. Discord is a tool to chat and communicate. You can use it both on your laptop and mobile, in the browser or downloading the app. It’s rapid, fast and easy to use. It has channels and sub-channels. This is where we envision our day to day communication within the community. Before releasing it openly to the world with V4 we would like to do a soft launch within the closer members of the Precious Plastic community. This way we can learn, iterate and get ready for launch in fall. Head to the link below and get active. Try to break it if you can. And make sure to populate the #feedback channel to help us setup the best possible tool for everyone.


go>  https://discordapp.com/invite/zmf98dw


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11/08/2019 at 08:54

Hi,great. thanks a lot. Let’s say we would develop a long outstanding help desk like app (multi-lang) where users can get answers before posting, for the usual suspects, ie: shredder jams, meet, want to start, merchandise, license, certification, throughout, manuals, filament, defect download-kit etc ..

Do we route them to those discord channels just or should we process them on another platform ? I have a hard time understanding how Discord can assist in those matters since the pre-made channels will be flooded and rather become unreadable, etc… That’s why we’d like to know what happens to the forum; is it going to be closed as announced ?

I am really sorry to ask but we’d like to see some direction or at least have a slight chance to prepare with the changes you’re going apply to the PP project.  For instance, we scheduled a larger PP campaign with the arrival of v4 and our addons for Spain & Catalonia. Do we send them to Discord or to the forum, …

thanks in advance
sincerely, your unofficial PP support team

11/08/2019 at 21:57

Do you expect the new platform to increase the frequency and depth of the updates for the V4 activities? Is that what the goal of day to day communication is talking about?
That would be great.

12/08/2019 at 14:35

@s2019, I’ve got some answers on Discord and looks like the forum will remain in place at least until November but it’s unclear with what it’s being replaced. Eventually we will manage to have Discord as Q&A channel(s) per content as it’s done in publiclab DOT org but there are quite some technical issues to solve first (I am on it). In regard of in-depth v4 updates and it’s feedback loop for the global community, I understood/observed that the forum will keep it’s position in this matter til then as well since Discord is as said rather RT chat platform (it was build for gamers) and lacks important features such as creating sub-threads on a message and the like. For now I think, there is also still is some legwork to be done in regard of contributor – agreements (IP) as well the implementation of certain open-source minded policies but this might be archived with the arrival of one-army at some point.

12/08/2019 at 17:34

I’m not sure what the advantage of Discord is over a well managed forum. Other than for initial brainstorming sessions, technical collaborations often benefit from some latency in that a well thought out post is often more valuable than a real time input, especially with wide ranging time zones. Forums do offer a chat feature.

Also, downloading an app and establishing an account with a third party to participate is not as attractive.

It will be interesting how the beta works out.

12/08/2019 at 19:48

yeah, as said, for now it’s rather for instant communication and IMHO it has definitely it’s point and popularity. On a higher level one would design communication around a specific workflow but also policies. As far I know one-army will prove it self around 2020… Til then hard to say anything and I just can hope we get the best out of what’s there. I am updating here as soon new facts emerge (there is a new ‘feedback’ channel on Discord). To me as software developer however I found this task for PP fascinating but even though, some things have to be decided & answered yet.
btw. you don’t need the app, it works also in the browser (just ignore the app popup) and with some luck I can feed PP-Search/Explorer with Discord in a way that we’re back to normal like browsing 🙂

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